Laughter is the key to happiness

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Howdy everyone

Today when I opened my FB account I received this hillarious video on how a Thai English teacher teaches English.

Must Watch:

Hillarious right!!  Laughter is the best medicine indeed.

Hey do you know that happiness cannot be found but to be felt!! Yes that’s correct. I was chasing my happiness in material things and I find it frustrating that there is always the feeling of “Not enough.  So happiness is a very subjective matter.  In a nutshell,  ” Happiness ” is to be felt just like when you smile at your children – the feeling that you felt is a “happy feeling” and when you laugh about something that is “awesome ” and “funny” – your body automatically excrete the “good hormones”.  isn’t it great to be able to practise “smiling and laughing ” every minute of our lives.

Here are two links to two very important articles to keep teachers motivated to motivate our beloved students.

  2.    Have a hillarious day teachers.
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Teachers should learn up digital skills

Hi everyone,

This is Judy here.  Glad that you drop by at my blog.  This morning I read with great interest on this letter regarding the urgency for teachers to pick up at least one digital skills to equip ourselves in our career advancement.  The digital skills that I myself would like to learn are:

  1. Coding
  2. Social media marketing
  3. Digital networking                                             The world is getting more connected with Google, Amazon, Ali Express and many more new marketplaces mushrooming in the cyberspace.  As teachers we can be carried away easily by all the online tactics.  Therefore it is so important to equip ourselves with the basic knowledge of programming and coding.   Till I write again please click the link  : to find out more about my country’s digital technology scenario.  Hey teachers continue to “SMILE” and “LAUGH” more each day .   Judy

A happy place for teachers all around the world to support each other .