Laughter is the key to happiness

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Howdy everyone

Today when I opened my FB account I received this hillarious video on how a Thai English teacher teaches English.

Must Watch:

Hillarious right!!  Laughter is the best medicine indeed.

Hey do you know that happiness cannot be found but to be felt!! Yes that’s correct. I was chasing my happiness in material things and I find it frustrating that there is always the feeling of “Not enough.  So happiness is a very subjective matter.  In a nutshell,  ” Happiness ” is to be felt just like when you smile at your children – the feeling that you felt is a “happy feeling” and when you laugh about something that is “awesome ” and “funny” – your body automatically excrete the “good hormones”.  isn’t it great to be able to practise “smiling and laughing ” every minute of our lives.

Here are two links to two very important articles to keep teachers motivated to motivate our beloved students.

  2.    Have a hillarious day teachers.
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